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amusing female things

So a friend of mine (wife of a coworker) is going to be selling Mary Kay cosmetics in order to supplant their income while she's in school for the next few years. Last night I went to a Mary Kay thing at her house, and it was pretty fun. This one was mostly skin care stuff, but I got to try a little bit of makeup. Makeup that looked pretty...wow. Maybe if I have some money before the wedding I'll pick up the basics (what I used last night) so I can "dress up" a bit for all the wedding activities and for dinners on the cruise ship. Might even do a makeup MK thing at my house, since a couple people have expressed interest. :)

The ezzie00 comes home today! His flight gets in at 11:07pm, yay. I miss the ezzie. :( Guess that means I'll spend most of this evening cleaning up the house from dinner yesterday and just in general.

Now off to a meeting. Blecch. At least it's teleconference, so I can take my pilot and play games. ;)