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the nesting instinct

Spent the morning watching a friend's toddler while she packed and cleaned (they're moving soon), then got repaid with pizza (and she says a new video game too!). Watched US lose to Canada in the gold medal hockey game, 5-2.

Went out to Bed Bath and Beyond to pick up a dish drainer for the sink and one or two miscellaneous odds and ends. Felt creative so went to JoAnn fabrics. Picked up silvery chiffon spiderweblike fabric to make curtains out of for the bedroom, plus some royal blue fabric to drape all around the window. Made the curtains, they look awesome, draped the blue fabric, I'm still deciding on that. If I don't like it, well I've got some nifty blue fabric to make more curtains out of. The guest room could use some curtains that actually block light (the streetlight is very bright at night). And all for about $70 total (both stores) and two hours of time. Yay!

Now to belly dance a bit, snuggle with kitties, have dinner, finish cleaning, and finish reading. La la la!

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