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the nesting instinct

Spent the morning watching a friend's toddler while she packed and cleaned (they're moving soon), then got repaid with pizza (and she says a new video game too!). Watched US lose to Canada in the gold medal hockey game, 5-2.

Went out to Bed Bath and Beyond to pick up a dish drainer for the sink and one or two miscellaneous odds and ends. Felt creative so went to JoAnn fabrics. Picked up silvery chiffon spiderweblike fabric to make curtains out of for the bedroom, plus some royal blue fabric to drape all around the window. Made the curtains, they look awesome, draped the blue fabric, I'm still deciding on that. If I don't like it, well I've got some nifty blue fabric to make more curtains out of. The guest room could use some curtains that actually block light (the streetlight is very bright at night). And all for about $70 total (both stores) and two hours of time. Yay!

Now to belly dance a bit, snuggle with kitties, have dinner, finish cleaning, and finish reading. La la la!


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Feb. 24th, 2002 07:30 pm (UTC)
Cool. How did you make them? Did you just drape them on rods, or did you do something more intensive? (I'd like to have curtains in the house, but I've been really lazy)
Feb. 24th, 2002 07:41 pm (UTC)
Re: Curtains
Well, there are two parts.

The first part are "real" curtains that are on the curtain rod. The window is short and these curtains are mostly for decoration (though will work for letting tons o' light in while retaining privacy). I bought 3 yards of this pretty grey chiffon material, sliced it in half (so it's 1.5 yards by whatever the width was), then roll-hemmed all four sides. Then I folded over one end (width-wise) to make a place for the pole to be, about 2 inches wide (what's that called?). Thus I have two silvery grey curtains, this took me about 1.5 hours, including trying to remember how to fill the damn bobbin. ;)

The second part is simply 8 yards of pretty blue fabric that had a nice drape to it. That's where this gets tricky - calico is cheap but doesn't drape well, the satins drape well but aren't cheap, and so on. I found nifty stuff on sale, whee! I just hemmed the raw cut ends, and left the rest as it came. I folded the material in half, then at the middle made a little "pouf" of material by putting a hair elastic around it. This got put in the center of the curtain rod, then I wrapped the rest of the fabric around the rods and let the ends hang down the sides of the windows. It's almost too much fabric for such a short window, but I don't care since I can always trim it and I'm still not decided if I like it.

Bed Bath and Beyond also sells stuff that can be used like this, but it's kind of expensive. I spent $45 on fabric and thread, whereas something similar from BB&B would've been about $100. Let me know if you come up with something nifty. :)
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