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of herbs, cats, and DnD

I had my second herbal class this morning, today we went over sinusitis with coltsfoot and asthma with ephedra. I still don't have a taste for herbal tea though. I also signed up to be considered for his intern program for this year. Basically I'll spend one weekend afternoon per week working in the gardens there, in exchange for herbal education, some live plants, and a small share in the harvest. Plus I'll be taught how to garden at the same time, all without costing any money other than gas to get me there. :)
Today I went to a CFA cat show in Seattle. It was pretty interesting to see all of the different cat breeds "in person" as it were. Cornish Rexes look really funny with all the curly fur; Scottish Folds look like tough guys in spite of the folded ears; Siamese kittens are absolutely adorable; Somalis are gorgeous, like big red-gold lion kitties; Maine Coons are frickin' HUGE; Ragdolls are sweet (and look like my Obsidian other than markings); Ocicats are neat looking with gold spots; Persians are looking scarier every year (large fluff balls with a little squished face); Turkish Vans are really pretty and have different markings than everyone else. No Sphynxes, though, which is just as well considering they make me go squick, and 'cause there was a fire alarm when I got there that sent everyone with their cats out of the building. Pretty nifty overall, especially the judging I watched of Ragdolls, Somalis, and Siamese - the judge kept a running commentary of what she was grading and what the breed standards were. Very interesting. Saw several cats to be entered in the Household Pets category, and perhaps some day when I have loose money and time floating around I'll enter Obsidian into the HHP category. :)
DnD was fun tonight, although a bit small with several absences. Kai's kestrel Isis is doing well, though still flighty around lots of people. Our party is currently trying to destroy an ancient artifact so the Evil People can't use it, so we're hanging out in a dwarvish underground city. This is a problem since I'm an elf and they hate elves, but I've been shapeshifting into wolf form so as not to cause too much trouble. Also I was awarded my share of the treasure from the session we missed back at Christmas, which included an amulet of +4 to armor and a crystal ball of control weather once per day, which may have other powers to boot.
ezzie00 is now safely in Vienna VA, where he'll be until next Friday. It's very quiet here without him, moreso than when he's just gone for a day or the evening. I've become very accustomed to his presence, so that I truly miss him when he's gone for a while (he was also gone Tuesday-Thursday this week). Phone calls help, but they're not the same. I am glad that this much out-of-town activity doesn't happen very much - I can manage just fine on my own, but it's so much more comfortable to have him around. Although a purring cat on my lap is also quite helpful. ;)

I love you, ke'chara

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