February 13th, 2002

jadzia leap

strange nameless dread

Over the last few days, I've had this sense of nameless dread whenever I drive. It's very odd, as I haven't had any "close calls" or even seen any cops for a few days. I've been very careful and very observant of the speed limit though, just in case. I've never had something like this, so it's a weird feeling.

Work is blah today. I'm concentrating samples to desalt this afternoon, which means sitting around for 10-15 minutes, checking the sample, then starting the centrifuge up again. Whee. But in less than an hour it's lunchtime, and a bunch of friends and I are going to Red Robin for lunch for my birthday - mmm mozzarella sticks, thick chocolate shake, crispy chicken burger, fat steak fries...........
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jadzia leap

Big Brother wants to know your reading list

This is very disturbing - apparently the FBI and DEA have attempted to subpoena bookstores to determine what some suspects had purchased in the past. Hello, First Amendment anyone?


Maybe my nameless dread of my prior post has to do with where this country is going. The war, Dubya's attacks on women's rights, the furthering of the bullshit War on Drugs, eroding of environmental rights, and so on.....I"m starting to wonder how long until I will want to leave the US for fear of my rights and my life. This is scary, as the US is generally one of the largest supporters of freedom and rights, but this is just another sign of a disturbing trend.
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