January 9th, 2002

jadzia leap

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Whee. I'm well enough to sit up at the computer, but sick enough that writing a short letter made me break a sweat. Plus I'm really achy from all the coughing I did yesterday. :( I hate being sick.

But in better news, three packages are "in transit for deliver" by UPS today! Yay - maybe I'll get my computer speakers today!! Between Christmas and the bridal shower, we had so much stuff that we had to ship 5 packages from NJ to WA, and that's what I"m waiting for. Mmmm, Klipsch ProMedias.....come to Joy....... ;)
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jadzia leap


Yay! The UPS man came with 4 boxes for me! Yay yay yay yay yay! I now have Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 speakers with subwoofer hooked up to my computer....w00t!!! Now if Ezzie would just get off his conference call so I could really test them out, with something more then a Super Mario Brothers mp3 on low volume. ;)

Everything else arrived OK too, which was some christmas presents and shower gifts. Only one thing got broken (a serving platter), which makes me very happy, considering we had sets of glass bowls, a glass cheese platter, glass ornaments, plus the serving platter and matching bowl. I had insured everything too, so I can probably get enough money from UPS to replace the platter.

And as of now I'm just coughing randomly and am much better than even this morning. Now if only the improvement will hold up enough to let me go to work tomorrow morning...

Finally, happy thoughts and celebration to Jason for getting a job offer! Yay! :)
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jadzia leap

Michael Jackson is on tv.....

Michael Jackson's 30th anniversary concert is on tv now (though almost over). It's very interesting to see that even though he looks like the plastic fantastic nutbar, he's still got what made him famous. Songs like "Billy Jean," "Beat It," and "Black or White" were great. Another plus was the songs with the rest of the Jackson 5, as well as Slash's guest appearance. Major minuses included Titney's appearance, as well as N'Suck. (nah, no opinion there, eh? ;) ) Overall kinda nifty though, enough so to keep me up until 11 on a work night when I'm still sick. :)

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