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Walking a 77 pound Malamute is an experience. It was rather fun, except for the one time she lunged in the park and I went down on the wet ground. Continuing to walk around with a wet hip isn't much fun at night in the cold. Had a great time though, and looks like I may finally have found a good female friend out here. :) However I was woken up at 2:30 in the morning with hideous cramps in the front of my left shin, caused by digging in my heels during the whole walk to keep the dog from dragging me. Got it to count as an exercise for this week, though.

Had my first herb class today, it went pretty well. I'm the youngest there by at least 15 years. Paul Beyerl is a really neat guy, and I"m looking forward to learning more from him. Perhaps I will even trade some work in their 1.3 acres of gardens for more teaching and plant samples.

ezzie00 and I went to Home Depot, where we picked up tomato, lavender, and basil seeds, plus a mini greenhouse thingy to start them in. Also looked at shelving, lawn mowers, and other assorted nifty stuff. Bought some carpet padding to use under my DDR mat. Then went to Staples to pick up envelope sealers, lined paper, and other sundry items. Wound up picking up a spindle of CD-Rs, which now come in 5 fruity flavors.

Came home, picked up our diplomas from the place where we had them framed. Mine looked a little odd there, but I took it anyway. Set it next to his and the difference was major - mine is crooked, the margins around it aren't even (it's mounted on a wood plaque with plexi over it), and it looks like he trimmed the diploma to make it fit under the plexi. Chris's is perfect, however - centered, no trimming in evidence, etc., so I know the guy could do it. Went back to the store in a black fury to find out the owner is off on vacation until the 25th. Left it with the women there after venting my displeasure and the fact that since the other was perfect I know he can fix it, and was sent on my way with assurances that he would fix it, even to reimbursing me the cost of a new diploma if necessary. I didn't work my ass off to earn that $100K diploma and then pay over $100 for the framing to have them fsck it up.

Came home, helped Ezzie rehang the dartboard, and installed corkboard underneath it. Addressed rest of wedding invitations, ran out of stamps, still have like 3 more to do. Used glue stick envelope sealer thingies to seal up envelopes, I used too much on mine causing them to curl while drying, cue breakdown. Damn wedding stress. Laid out envelopes to dry, cried myself out, got better. Wrote email to FMIL detailing that no I'm not bending any further on the wedding music, layout, etc. And please, if you are coming to our wedding and decide to give us a gift (which is totally unneccessary, I just want my friends to visit us if at all possible :), please, please send it to our house. I have this horrible vision of a huge pile on the gift table at the reception that we then have to pay to ship to Seattle. I don't want to be ungrateful, but we cannot afford that again. Sigh.

103 invitations, 207 people (21 are under age 12), from 19 states. This is ridiculous. :)

Watched an episode of Kenshin. Not bad, but not stellar "I must watch the rest right now" either. Might be better on DVD then on his laptop though. Ate popcorn, had soda, felt better.

Daffodils are lovely, they are the essence of all that is spring. That's what I gave Ezzie for Valentine's Day, and all five of them are open now and smelling up the kitchen just wonderfully. I need to plant some this fall so they come up in the yard next year. :)

Tired now. Will probably go read, then play darts, then have dinner, and maybe watch some TV. The US men's hockey team plays Russia tonight at 8:30, we'll probably watch that.

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