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magneto lives!

Busy day at work today, more or less.
-desalted a batch of samples and stuck 'em in the freezer for the weekend
-slightly assisted in install of new HPLC
-named new HPLC "Magneto"
-rearranged lab to accomodate Magneto's arrival
-cleaned and organized lab

Fun day not at work, more or less.
-Christie came home with me for lunch today and we walked the cats for a while
-going to visit her house after work and we'll walk her malamutes (she can't walk both by herself, so I'll join her today)
-my CMU diploma is framed and ready for pickup
-probably dinner at some point, then come home to see Ezzie when he gets back

I think tomorrow we need to clean out the yard majorly. Lots of branches and schtuff from the winter, plus the gravel needs raking and some of the paving stones are ajar. Possibly walk the cats again if it's warm and sunny. Those retractable leashes with the push-button stop are teh win with kitties. :)

Time for a snack, then to see what Christie is up to, then to go home and see if packages from my mom arrived. Whomp!

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