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...otherwise known as a dartboard. :) It's already installed downstairs, and we played a game of darts on it. I suck, but at least I didn't chip the cabinet - ezzie00 did that.

I came home to a milkshake, flowers, and presents waiting on the table. Wheee! In addition to the dartboard, I got Mallrats and the cartoon versions of Clerks on DVD. Plus I got out of work early since someone had to make a run to Redmond to drop off samples for analysis, so I left at 2:30 to do that and didn't go back to work. Got home at around 4pm, which is excellent. Now it's about 3 hours until dinner, we may go to the mall to get more cool looking darts, but that's it. Oh, and Ezzie's parents sent me $50 at Amazon, so I bought Clerks the movie, preordered Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and picked up another paperback I wanted. Although apparently OS Card decided that no, he wouldn't release Shadow Puppets this month, he'll wait until frickin' JULY. Bastard. :p

Oh well, it was still a Happy Day! And soon there will be steak. :)