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Big Brother wants to know your reading list

This is very disturbing - apparently the FBI and DEA have attempted to subpoena bookstores to determine what some suspects had purchased in the past. Hello, First Amendment anyone?


Maybe my nameless dread of my prior post has to do with where this country is going. The war, Dubya's attacks on women's rights, the furthering of the bullshit War on Drugs, eroding of environmental rights, and so on.....I"m starting to wonder how long until I will want to leave the US for fear of my rights and my life. This is scary, as the US is generally one of the largest supporters of freedom and rights, but this is just another sign of a disturbing trend.


Feb. 13th, 2002 01:34 pm (UTC)
Being (effectively) a libertarian (though a registered Republican, so I can vote in their primary), the thing that always strikes me is the total hypocrisy of people on both sides of these arguments. i.e.:

Ashcroft was totally correct in denying the FBI access to NICS instant background check results which would have effectively created a national registry of firearms purchases. And he has opposed censoring on-line hate speech. Both commendable and excellent examples of defending individual rights.

On the other hand, when he disagrees with state laws, or finds certain civil liberties inconvenient, he does his best to quash, ignore, or get around them.

The same sort of thing can be seen in many democrats, who support rights such as that of a of a woman to control her own body, yet at the same time blow anti-prejudicial rights out of the water by pushing non-equality through affirmative action and even things like this. Either everyone really is equal or they aren't. Skin color shouldn't matter.

Basically, you're totally right that there's been a lot of scary, Orwellian shit pushed by Bush & Co. lately. My even deeper concern is that the other side is no better when it comes to actually _truly_ giving a damn about _all_ fundamental civil rights. Each side only protects those rights it feels are important, so we're stuck in the middle, voting a balancing act and looking for a way out.