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10:20am and I'm done for the day.... I'll post on LJ and otherwise occupy myself until someone has a task for me. I've already notified everyone that I am free and can help out, so hopefully someone will have a task I can help with.
I think I may now understand how some people get sucked into long, drawn out "beauty" routines. I picked up a sampler pack of face/body care stuff by Burt's Bees, and I've started using a couple parts of it. I'm consistently using the moisturizer, which I should probably be using anyway, but I"ve thought of using some of the other stuff regularly as well. It's kind of fun, but at the same time that's like another 10 minutes of stuff when I get out of the shower. Thus I'm not doing most of it. ;) And of course I still don't understand the whole 15 minutes spent on makeup in the morning - wash face, put a bit of lotion on it, brush hair, perhaps put some up in barrettes, and I'm done.
Powerbars are weird, with a nasty texture after you chew them. The Harvest version isn't bad, at least this one (apple crisp flavor) as it's baked and chewy, not just strange solidified goop. I've eaten about half of it so far during the morning, and I'm slightly less hungry than usual for this time. Whee.
The Olympics are cool, but there's too much politics and advertising. Plus I'm sick of hearing the life stories of selected athletes who have "overcome great odds" or some other such bullshit. Good for them, being at the Olympics is definitely an accomplishment, but there are other accomplishments that are just as great. Also I wish the media would quit hyping everyone as "there for the love of the game/sport," as I bet most athletes are there to win a medal, dammit. Sure, they love the game/sport, but they want a shiny gold Olympic medal to boot.
I wish people would realize that adopting an animal is a commitment to care for the animal for its lifetime. If you become engaged and your fiancee is allergic, she deals. You don't get rid of the cats, they were there long before she was. Sigh.

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