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for those of you who watch ER.......

Damn. I knew that as soon as Luca got a look at Abby that the wifebeater guy was dead meat. Glad to see I was right....though I'm surprised that he held off that much. Abby better appreciate Luca more now....... ;) ;) ;)


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Feb. 8th, 2002 07:07 am (UTC)
dammit, and I missed last night's episode. fill me in?
Feb. 8th, 2002 07:42 am (UTC)
Okay, let's see. I'll do this by storyline, and of course it was all mooshed together during the show as usual. :)

-Mark and Elizabeth's baby got taken off the vent, and is eating and sleeping OK. The EEG is okay, so as long as nothing weird happens in 48 hours Ella should be OK.
-Elizabeth told the other daughter (Mark's older girl, the one who brought Ecstasy into the house) that she needed to pack up and move back to her mother. Insert fight between Mark and Elizabeth, Mark trying to make it better with his daughter, etc. Unresolved at end of show.

-Abby's neighbor Joyce stayed at her place overnight to avoid her abusive husband. Abby convinced her to tell him that she would leave him unless he stopped. A few hours later Abby gets a call, he's beaten the shit out of her again (broke her cheekbone). Joyce gets to the ER, Abby convinces her to talk to the cops and sends her to a battered women's shelter.
-That night Joyce's husband comes to talk to Abby about where Joyce is, and of course she doesn't tell him. He leaves after Abby threatens to call 911. Then there's a knock on the door, she calls 911 and releases the deadbolt, and he kicks the door down (breaking the chain) and beats her up. The phone is on recording all of it, and the cops come and get her.
-Abby gets to the ER, where SUsan and Luca take care of her - she's got a broken nose and some bruises along her back where she fell. Susan takes her home so she doesn't have to worry about the psycho abusive idiot.
-Luca gets off work, promptly goes to the bar where abusive husband hangs out, and starts threatening him if he EVER touches Abby again, hits him in the face a couple of times (of course the pussy can't hit him back, he's not man enough to fight anything that'll hit him back), and slams his head into a pool table. Then he leaves him there, with the threat that if he even LOOKS at Abby again, Luca will kill him.

-John's mother tries to stick around to suppor the little leukemia kid, but can't handle it and leaves, pissing him off to no end. At the end of the show there was some little loving chat between them about his brother, but I missed most of it 'cause I was happy about Luca beating the shit out of that piece of scum. John's mother is still a drunken idiot in my opinion, though.

-And throughout the show, there was some bagels provided by a drug company and there was something in the cream cheese, sending Carrie, Yan, Frank, and a whole bunch of other people home sick. Jerry (old guy who ran the desk) showed up at the end for a few minutes. :)

That's about it. You should've watched it just to see Luca beat the snot out of that asswipe. Hey Luca, if Abby doesn't appreciate you, I will...... ;)
Feb. 8th, 2002 08:19 am (UTC)

I missed it 'cause I was out climbing walls with people, and didn't think I'd miss all that much since the trailers were portraying it as all ectsasy-aftermath. Shoulda known the trailers never actually portray an episode accurately :).

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