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caffeine is teh win

All throughout yesterday, and even into this morning, I've been getting compliments on my presentation yesterday. Even the director who ran the meeting (not sure of his position, other than it's up there) came and found me to compliment me on my presentation and chat for a few minutes. That was awesome. :)
There are too many details to a wedding.
I've finally settled in to the new routines that ezzie00 and I set up. This means I'm much more relaxed and have a better grasp of time, so I'm not so rushed as I was when we first started. This is a Good Thing (tm), especially since I'm getting so much stuff done. Including finishing up Sword Sworn yesterday, which means I can start the new Robin Hobb book today. And then Shadow Puppets will come out!
Another meeting this morning. Oh joy of joys, boy I cannot wait.....for it to be over. ;)