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the results show the process is robust

Gave my presentation this morning, in spite of a recalcitrant ancient laptop and a wiggly table, and having to change my own slides and so on. Went pretty well, considering most of the people there had no idea what I was doing or who I was. I've gotten compliments from at least 5 people since then. Go me!!

blk had asked for situp instructions, so here's my best attempt at explaining them. I just didn't want to throw another comment on an old post. I hope they're useful to people. :)

Normal crunches: flat on back, knees up, hands behind head (normal situp position). Concentrate on using just abs to bring your upper body up, and remember to exhale as you contract up, inhale as you go down. Also make sure to keep elbows behind your head, it really changes the difficulty I've discovered.

Reverse crunches: flat on back, legs up in the air, cross ankles but keep legs mostly straight. Contract the lower abs to bring your butt off the ground, but don't swing your legs, just use the abs. Go slower for more challenge, and again exhale as you contract and inhale as you let go.

Side crunches: lie on right side, with right leg slightly bent but mostly straight. Put left knee behind right knee on ground. Put arms behind head in standard situp position, with your right arm mostly on the ground and your left arm in the air. You then contract the sides of your abs, as if you're trying to connect your left hip with your left shoulder. It's kind of a side crunch with your head coming up a little on the front, and I go up about as much as it takes for my right elbow (which was flat on the ground with my arm) to be "supporting" my head. Also bring in your left hip and left shoulder when you do this one, again contracting just abs and not using leg muscles. Try it a few different ways, hopefully you'll figure out how to do it. It took me a while to get it right, and was mostly by feel. Also, exhale when going up and inhale coming down.

Back press: Lie in standard situp position, with arms extended and palms flat on ground near your hips. Press the small of your back to the floor, trying to push it through the floor. This will tip your hips up a bit. Then tighten your tummy as much as possible, continuing to press your back into the floor, and hold for as long as possible. Breathe shallowly so as not to expand the tummy.

I do ten each of the crunches, reverse crunches, and each side for side crunches, plus at least two back presses held to the count of 15. I do this every day except Sunday. :)


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Feb. 6th, 2002 11:44 am (UTC)
Just in case someone wants other stuff.

One tip I've been given that helps a lot is rather then bending your head and neck to touch your knees during crunches, try instead to lift your head straight up about 1-2 feet. So stare at the ceiling and pretend there is a string connected to your forhead pulling straight up. Might help if your neck starts to hurt doing normal curling situps.
Feb. 6th, 2002 11:57 am (UTC)
Now that I've caught up I can recommend one other exercise, but this one requires a partner. Partner stands legs spread about 1-2 feet apart. You lay on your back with your head between partner's feet (best when partner is not wearing a kilt ;)
You grab your partners ankles with your hands and now you are ready. You bring both your legs straight up (aiming to kick partner in head/chest) Partner catches legs and pushes them back down. Your legs must be kept straight (knees locked). Variation is partner pushes legs off at about a 30 degree angle. When your legs are pushed down, keep them straight but don't let them touch the ground. You should be able to stop them and bring them back up about 1 foot above the ground. Works lower abs quite well.
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