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don't stab yourself with needles, they hurt

Oh well, at least it was a sterile needle though, and quit bleeding soon enough. Still hurts though.
I was told this morning that I'd been volunteered to present at a meeting tomorrow. Great. The presentation itself is one I gave to my department a few weeks ago, so all I had to do was add some more stuff to it and I'm done, but my boss wants to "go over the presentation with me" this afternoon. Oh, joy. Plus I don't know most of the people in the department they want me to present to, but oh well. At least today's experiments went pretty well, except for the whole needle stabbing incident.
Sword Sworn is a great fun book so far (about 1/3 the way through). I want to go home and read it some more and eat cheese, which I'm craving right now. The herb book I'm working on now is a great idea, but not well carried out. It explains the scientific validation for herbal remedies, but it's organized by affliction (arthritis, blood problems, etc.) and each affliction is treated with one "blend" of herbs. The herbs used are mentioned, but not the proportions , so that even if I wanted to try one, I could not. Plus it's really dry writing, which is odd for most herbals I've read recently. Hopefully my new religion book will be better than this one is.
ezzie00 did something last night that further confirmed that I want to spend the rest of my life with him. He knows what it was, no I'm not posting it, and no it wasn't sexual. :p It's always nice when something like that happens, especially when you're not looking for it because you're already comfortable in the relationship. Now if we could just get this wedding stuff done with, life would be better. ;)
I am happy.

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