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superbowl sunday

Two hours before the game, and there's already pregame stuff on tv. Sigh. Too much commercialization in this country, and this year there's far too much "We're Patriotic, Buy Our Stuff" yack on as well. There's already been an interview with a NE player whose brother was a firefighter at the WTC, and another with some woman whose husband played football in the sixties and died in action in Vietnam. Whatever - I wonder if they realize that all this "patriotic" stuff makes most people want to gag.

Very sore this morning, but my knee is feeling better, although still stiff. Things hurt that I didn't remember I had. I should do this more often so that I'm not so sore the next day. ;) Maybe we'll get a fat tax return or something, or use a bit of my incentive bonus in March to go at least one more time. The ski rental from a local place was fantastic - $24 for skis/boots/poles rental, pickup on Friday for Saturday use, return Sunday before 1pm. Much nicer then doing it at the resort. Still want my own equipment though, and I really liked the boots I got this time - very comfy, unlike most other boots I've tried or been fitted for. I wrote down the brand and model for future reference.

Put meaty bits in the crockpot this morning with honey bbq sauce and some garlic powder. They smell yummy, and I hope they're done before people get here. Cleaned up a lot of the house, cleaned the cat box, and clipped the kitty's claws. Still need to brush them though. As of now four people are confirmed coming, and two may/not come. Also in the middle of doing laundry, and cleaned up our room so Karen can put the baby to sleep if necessary or have privacy to feed him.

I should go out to Fred Meyer, I need some random stuff like contact cleaner. But I should also eat too, and do some wedding invitations, and read in my herb books, and so on. BTW, if anyone female is interested in herbs for remedial purposes, I recommend Herbal Healing for Women by Rosemary Gladstar. Its broken up into three parts (adolescence, mother years, and menopause) with lots of good information about nutrition, possible causes of problems, and suggested herbal remedies. Plenty of directions on how to make the various items, and a short herbal in the back that covers the herbs she recommends. :)

Wow, my arms are killing me now. Time to stop typing and do something else. I hope everyone has a relaxing Sunday afternoon.

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