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green circles and blue squares

The sunrise this morning was lovely, with all the mountains visible, including Rainier. The drive up to Stevens Pass was nice, also very pretty. The place was packed, with wait times in the lift lines around 5-15 minutes Got our lift tickets and were on our way by about 9:30am.

Tried one blue square on the main face, then went to the back face. I fell a lot on the steep parts. Dropped my pole on the lift, had to go down with only one pole on a new run. Yuck. Fell a lot more. Fog makes it difficult to see the snow past your ski tips, after all. Tried the run again, better luck - only fell once. Skiied back to the main lodge, had a cheeseburger. Yum. Tried some new runs so ezzie00 and Doug could try the snowboarding terrain. Found some good blue runs that I could handle, and did those about 4 times. Fell only once during the afternoon. Went home, fed cats.

All went well except my one violent face plant where I thought for a moment that I had snapped my ankle. But it was okay in just a few minutes and is not even achy now. Phew.

My DDR mat for the computer came yesterday. Ezzie's trying to make it work now. I'm hungry and sore and have itchy eyes and no contact cleaner. Maybe I'll just open up a new pair tomorrow. But I'm happy. :)