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friday...work? nah.

Had the yearly company meeting this morning, but my bus didn't get there until most of the food was gone. Foo. Some amusing skits and stuff, and some neat propaganda about our patients and our company in general. More reassurance about the merger. Overall kind of nifty, and I got a bag of stuff (promo video, booklet, and little pillow thingy that's fuzzy).

Came back to work, surfed Ars, went home for lunch and took Christine with me. She loves my house. :) I want to meet her malamutes sometime (Henry and Gracie). I invited her to come join the posse gathering for the superbowl.

Doug just left. Nobody else is here. Screw it, I'm going home to run errands. Hafta rent skis for tomorrow's trip to Stevens Pass, need to go to grocery store for superbowl food, and want to go to bookstore for more books. Fwomp!