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slip 'n' slide

Well, my car is currently at an angle at the bottom of my driveway. I tried to go to work today, silly me.

First I cleared off part of the driveway with our push broom, then it died. I walked up to the road and figured I"d give it a shot. Started the car, put it in D1, and hit the gas coming out of the garage hoping to make it up the hill. DENIED. Fine, I pop it into reverse to hopefully go straight back down into the garage. DENIED. Car slides to my right, no matter what I do, and its ass is currently resting against the middle front support of the garage, with about 2 inches of the bumper inside the garage, thereby keeping me from closing the garage door. In a little bit I'll go out with cat litter and ezzie00 to push and see if we can just get it inside the garage.

Needless to say, I'm not going to work for a while unless someone comes to get me. Which is both a good thing and a bad thing, as I have an experiment running that needs to be shut off by noon or it'll run out of buffer.

In other news, yesterday the final missing package arrived from UPS. One side was entirely caved in and had been reconstituted with packing tape. Luckily it was the side with the sheets, which were uninjured. The fountain looks to be uninjured, but the pump does not work (light does though), so I am unsure if that is a defect in the pump or a problem caused by UPS. And now we have ice cream scoops too, yay!

Whoa, Doug's coming to get me. Off to work!

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