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it's a snow day

Woke up this morning to grey clouds, said "meh" and went about my business. Finished breakfast and there were a few flurries outside. Got ready to leave and it was quite a snow downpour outside. Getting to work wasn't bad, although the downpour continued unabated for about another hour. It tapered off for a bit, then started anew with a vengeance, and I decided to come home for the day. Most people were doing that anyway, as the roads were getting worse and nobody wants to be stuck at work. So far I'd say we have about 3+ inches on top of what was left from the weekend, and if it keeps up we'll have another 2-3 by tonight.

Maybe all that random happy dancing I did last night got interpreted as a snow dance. Whoops.

Thus I've been home since eleven this morning, and I've actually been pretty productive. :)
-entered in new 30 addresses/49 people for wedding list
-emptied dishwasher and straightened up kitchen
-read herb chapters
-addressed and stuffed 18 wedding invitations (59 of 88 are done, w00t)

Things to do during the rest of this afternoon
-bake cookies for this Sunday's party
-read another chapter in my religion book
-determine if it is possible to go to belly dance class, if not then practice dance for a while
-possibly make a small herb amulet
-maybe play the Sims for the first time in two weeks

Ah, keeping busy without the internet...it's nice sometimes. :) I feel so much better this week then I have in a while, and I think it has to do with keeping myself so busy with learning new things and exercising. This is a good thing.