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Well, today turned out differently than I thought it would. While I was out getting stuff framed, one of the guys I play DnD with calls me and is like "you're coming today, right?" Whoops. So went and did that all day, plus wandering around a few magick shops and taking him to the doctor, which was mostly fun. Got some empty oil bottles and a nice piece of jade. I still need to do some reading today, plus I want to play on the marimba. Exercise will have to wait until tomorrow - not gonna do it after eating dinner!

It's been snowing off and on all day, there's anywhere from a dusting to an inch depending on where you are. And nobody seems to realize that right now conditions are no different from the standard Seattle drizzle and NO, they do not need to do 45 in the left lane. Sigh. It is very pretty outside though - maybe I'll hot tub later.