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so, where have I been?

It's been nearly three months since I posted on LJ.

There are a myriad of reasons for this, ranging from spending more time in other activities to being busy at work (where I often post from). However, the biggest reason was that I did not want to post anymore, I did not want to read my friends list anymore, and so I took a break from the whole thing. As of today, I've greatly pruned my friends list (including communities and feeds), to really only keep the people who I see in person occasionally.

This post is public so that everyone who still keeps me on their friends list can see it if they wish.

I intend no ill will to those who I have simply drifted away from over time, most of this is simply due to physical distance or general life distance. I wish all of my friends the best in their lives, even if we are no longer close. May you all have a lovely 2007 and may you continue to work towards fulfilling your dreams.

Witnessed hit and run accident today

This is my eyewitness account should it be needed as witness for the accident. This post is public, and please keep any commenting to a minimum and polite in case it is requested as evidence.

After picking up my mom from the airport, I was going to take 99 north to return to work. While waiting at the stoplight as the first car to turn left onto 99 from 170th Street, I witnessed a hit and run accident in the intersection in front of me. A gold four-door sedan travelling northbound on 99 was turning left onto 170th street when a four-door Ford Taurus (older, maroon in color) travelling at a very high rate of speed southbound slammed on their brakes. The brakes squealed for several seconds but the Taurus still hit the gold car, T-boning the passenger side with the front left corner of the Taurus.

The Taurus then extricated itself from the wreck, drove around the gold sedan, and took off eastbound on 170th street. I saw the man driving it look right into my eyes, he was a younger very dark-skinned man with a bandanna in his dreadlocked hair wearing a white t-shirt. I did not catch the plate because I (a) thought he was pulling over and not taking off and (b) was concerned for the occupants of the gold sedan, which included a woman with a baby in the back seat. Several passersby at the Shell station across the street stepped out into the road to stop him, but he swerved around them and kept going until he was out of sight.

The man driving the gold sedan was looking for a phone, so I signalled to him that I had one and proceeded to cal 911 on my cell to report the hit and run accident. The operator took the information, and then requested to speak to the driver who had been hit. At this point my mother and I got out to assist the driver's wife and baby, with my mother helping the woman get the baby out of the driver's side back door while I opened the back passenger door (with some difficulty due to the impact site) to assist the wife. While walking to the injured vehicle I heard the police siren, and the first policeman onscene parked and got out to talk to the driver during the period I was helping his wife.

She indicated that she was not hurt, but was mildly shocky and mildly hysterical. I reassured her while my mom held the baby (also unhurt), and helped her walk over to the sidewalk near the accident. I then sent my mother with the baby back over to her while I spoke to the policeman about what I had seen and gave him my contact information. The policeman then started picking up the wreckage, including the Taurus' front bumper, and I found the "Ford" emblem that had also been left behind. While I helped to kick some of the broken plastic into a pile, two men in a large red truck pulled up and told the policeman that they had found the runaway driver behind a nearby apartment building. The policeman relayed that into his radio, and proceeded to move the injured gold car out of the intersection to allow traffic to resume as normal. Seeing that everyone was safe and the policeman had good control of the situation with a cleanup crew enroute, my mother and I returned to our car and proceeded on our way.

The accident occurred at approximately 12:15pm, and I was on my way back to work by approximately 12:30pm, as remembered from the time on my GPS unit.
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help the animals!

From a post on Ars:
Recently, a local Western Pennsylvania animal shelter was broken into, and their safe stolen. With winter fast approaching, they can't pay for heating, and animals are getting sick and dying.

What can we do?

If you're like me, you've got at least one old blanket or bath towel. You might also have a can of food your pet doesn't like. Or you might have a few dollars in change fall out of your pants when you do the laundry.

What I urge is anyone who can spare anything pet-related to send it to:

Noah's Ark
477 North Gallatin Avenue
Uniontown, PA, 15401

Shelter volunteers can be reached by calling:

Local news link: http://www.zwire.com/site/news.cfm?newsid=13300555&BRD=2280&PAG=461&dept_id=

I've put together a box with two sheets, a towel, a bowl, a baby frisbee, two cans of dogfood, and a bag of pig's ears. I just missed the closing time of the mail room, but will send it out tomorrow. Think of the puppies!

edited my friends list

I just pruned my friends list by quite a few people. Nothing personal is meant if you were removed, it is mostly people I don't read often, don't see often, or who never post. It does not mean I don't like you. If you have a compelling reason for me to refriend you, post a comment.
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free stuff, local pickup only

Nintendo Power Magazines
Issues 16-52, minus a few I'm keeping, covering NES and SNES games, with a few original GB games. Free, you pick up. Contact me by Monday January 19th as they're going to be put out in the recycling on Tuesday January 20th.

I also have some 2-4 year old Popular Science mags in the same box.

VHS Videos
Many VHS videos, in excellent condition, although a few have faded boxes. Ghostbusters, MIB, Crimson Tide, Star Trek 1-8, Ghost in the Shell, many more. Free, you pick up. Contact me by Monday January 19th as after that they're going to Goodwill.
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reticulating splines again

Today I picked up a copy of The Sims Unleashed, and it's awesome! Not only are there more items, but the neighborhoods are 10x bigger, there are now "community plots" where you can make a park, a store, or whatever, and there are pets! My couple has adopted a grey tabby, and she's just adorable. Pretty darn lifelike, even for the standard already set for The Sims. :)

We also picked up a set of rental skis/boots for me, at the price of $160 for now until April 15th. Free upgrades/exchanges whenever I want, so I can try out other boots or skis if I like, free waxing/edging whenever, and the cost of the rental applies to the cost of new equipment from them. Plus any new equipment that I buy, I can demo with no hassle. Finally, if something happens (say a pole breaks) and I have to rent while I'm at the ski resort, they'll reimburse me for that rental. Now I want to go skiing, dammit!

Hm, I should really get around to doing some of the stuff I wanted to do today. The Sims just sucked up my entire afternoon. ;)
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boredom, lunch, and the seething mass of humanity

Seeing as I have nothing to do today, and am not leaving until 3:30pm (yay bus schedules), I decided to go spend an hour wandering around the Pike Place Market. I found lots of great things for christmas presents, saw pretty flowers, discovered a guy who makes ties out of wood, saw a Dodge Viper, and generally had fun wandering around.

Then I went to this nearby market I see every day when walking to work, called Melange. I got a yummy black forest ham on wheat sandwich, yay. Now my tummy is full and I have 2 hours to kill. Whee.
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